Five Reasons to Choose Lab Created Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most complex substances on earth. They are highly valued and very precious. Alternative sources have been sought out so that manufacturers can fulfil the consumer need that is increasing daily. Scientists have found a way of creating diamonds in the lab, which was more than two decades ago. The demand for diamonds has continued to exceed the supply, and hence the need for lab created diamonds has arisen. However, the practice has been perfected over the years, making the process more efficient. The process takes only a few days for the synthetic diamonds to be produced.

The earth mined diamonds affect the environment harshly, and the mining process is expensive and dangerous. Many people are opposed to the impact that the mining process has on the ground. Those who are environmentally conscious will opt for lab created diamonds in a bid to save the environment. The lab process is conducted under safe conditions though under high temperatures and pressures. This is why the cost of an earth-mined diamond is high compared to a lab created diamond. The interesting bit is that it is not easy to tell the difference between the two. Only a certified jeweller can distinguish them apart. This is because they are identical gemologically.

If you are well off financially and can afford natural diamonds, then you are just among a very few percentage of the whole population. Not many people can afford such luxuries, and hence alternative ways have to be sought. Lab created diamonds have their advantages over natural ones. It is no surprise that many people are opening up and opting for them compared to the natural ones. The important thing is to make sure you go for the real ones that have been made from a certified lab and sold by a reputable jeweller. This will ensure that you are getting the real deal and not about to lose your money to cons. You can consult a certified jeweler who can guide you on the best places to find real lab created diamonds if you are not sure. The merits of lab created diamonds are;


Lab created diamonds are cheaper than earth-mined ones. This makes them affordable to everyone. You can easily own a diamond within your budget without having to strain your pocket too much. This is because the process of creation does not take years but only a few days. You can expect a price reduction of the same, and this makes up for a fantastic bargain.

Environmentally safe

The mining process of diamonds leaves the environment around the area in shambles and tatters. This negatively affects the surrounding environment, and the population around the area suffers harshly from the consequence of the process. The synthetic diamonds are done inside a lab with minimal damage to the environment. The resources are modest and controlled; hence most times, no harm is done to the environment.

Greater Clarity

The controlled conditions for lab created diamonds ensure a higher probability of producing more transparent and larger stones. The techniques have been advanced to ensure the production of flawless or near-flawless quality. A special coating has also been adopted to prevent damage to the produced stone. This increases its ability to reflect light hence emitting a brighter sparkle.


The production process is controlled, making it possible to produce bigger diamonds. In natural diamonds, luck plays a significant role for one to come across a huge stone. In the lab, they can be created clearer and with greater regularity.

Same thing

The bottom line is that they are both diamonds regardless of the process used to acquire them. They have the same features and will serve the same purpose. They both have the same molecular structure, and only after intensive testing can one distinguish them apart.

The demand for diamonds is non-stop and will not cease any time soon. You can opt for lab created diamonds. They are still considered real diamonds, and you don’t have to worry about them being classified as fake. More of them are being produced daily to meet the high demand for diamonds, and in the end, this could make natural diamonds drop in value. In the end, diamonds are forever and a worthwhile investment.

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